Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

Give your nearest and dearest the most valuable gift: the gift of health.

Putting money into health and prevention is always a sound investment. If you want an original gift that provides lasting experiences, memories and perfect relaxation, consider our gift vouchers for stays or fixed values, or our multi-tickets for treatments. They come on sturdy paper, made out by hand with a personalised greeting.

Exceptional life events deserve exceptional care, which is what we provide at Sliac Spa.

Terms and conditions

  • The spa will send gift voucher to the address you specify after receiving payment based on our invoice.
  • A gift voucher is valid until the making of a hotel reservation in the chosen calendar year.
  • The gift voucher is issued for the date of reservation that you specify in a specific season in the calendar year.
  • A gift voucher with a named beneficiary is not transferable, cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be combined with other spa discounts.
  • If the holder of a gift voucher does not use all or a part of the covered spa services by the end of the validity period, the residual value of the voucher lapses in favour of the issuer as a penalty for non-use of the services and the holder of the voucher is not entitled to the return of the unused value.
  • The holder of a voucher may request an extension of the validity period in writing but the issuer is not obliged to accept the request.
  • Other matters are subject to the terms and conditions of our company,  KUPELE SLIAC a.s.

Contacts / Information and reservations

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact the sales department at Sliac Spa. We will be happy to advise you.

Sales department

Telephone: +421 45/ 5443 794
Mobile: +421 917 475 490, +421 917 475 489