Stays for companies/employees

The best employee is a satisfied employee

“A satisfied employee works harder than three unsatisfied ones.” Henry Ford

It was not so long ago that employees were satisfied if they were well paid. Nowadays things are quite different. Employees think about more than just whether they have an adequate salary. They like to feel that their employer is interested in them and takes care of their health. They often do hard physical work or hazardous work without access to regular rehabilitation. The opposite is work sitting at a desk, which could be called the “silent killer” because of the stress it puts on the back and joints, which often has permanent consequences as time goes by. 

If this is the case, Sliac Spa is ready to offer top quality care for your employees. We can schedule stays and rehabilitation precisely according to your requirements. Every employee will receive the precise care that they need to come back to work rested and full of energy.

The evidence that we are one of the best providers of treatment and rehabilitation for restoring physical fitness is the thousands of satisfied employees and employers that we have worked with over many years. Employers who have placed their employees in our care include ZSS Slovakia, Cargo Slovakia, Slovnaft Bratislava and many others. A list of companies can be found in the section “Many years of experience”.

We strongly believe that you will also be satisfied and that your confidence in our services will be repaid in the enhanced performance of your employees.

What makes us unique

The grestest strengths of Sliac Spa are its unique natural healing resources, an individual approach, top quality health care, enthusiastic staff, diverse food, an outstanding location and the spa’s beautiful natural surroundings.

Natural healing resources like those at Sliac cannot be found anywhere else in central Europe. The Spa Spring's constant temperature of 33.2°C and the highest possible concentration of carbon dioxide are unique features of this spa which patients feel benefits from during their stay. Sliac Spa is the only spa in Slovakia that uses natural spring gas drawn directly from the spring in its treatment rather than medical spring gas made in laboratories.

Occupational diseases and their treatment

At present every job can be said to have its own risks. Employers demand 100% performance from their staff. In reaching this target employees often have to cope with intense physical and mental stress. 
The sectors with the highest risks are heavy industry, mining, construction and agriculture. Workers are exposed to risk factors such as extreme loads on the musculoskeletal system, dust, cold, various allergens, viruses and various chemical fumes that can cause many health problems.

There are other jobs that may look “more comfortable” at first sight but which also cannot avoid occupational diseases. For example, work at a computer and work involving long periods of sitting are known as “silent killers”. Static load is not the best thing for people. They evolved for movement and static load always stresses the spine. This can lead to back and head pain, loss of energy, obesity, swelling in the legs, itchy eyes etc.

Management and other responsible positions form a special category. An extreme mental load, working for 10 hours per day, little rest, lack of movement, high cholesterol and high blood pressure often lead to cardiovascular disease, a higher risk of heart attacks and so on.  

All jobs need regular, high-quality recreation. Whether they are a manual worker in heavy industry, a civil servant sitting all day at a computer or an overloaded manager.

All of them can benefit from the unique natural healing resources at Sliac Spa and its team of top specialists from the doctors, physiotherapists, rehabilitation nurses to the cooks and diet nurses who provide perfect care.

Many years of experience

The fact that we are specialists in stays to restore physical fitness can be seen above all in our many years of tradition and thousands of satisfied employees from organisations including:

ZSS – Zeleznicna spolocnost Slovensko, a. s.
Cargo – Zeleznicna spolocnost Cargo Slovakia, a.s.
Martin University Hospital
National Institute for Oncology Bratislava
National Security Authority Bratislava
Chemosvit Svit
SCP Ruzomberok
Slovnaft Bratislava
Zeleziarne Podbrezova
Bekaert Hlohovec
Kosice Regional Court
Bratislava Regional Court
Mineralne vody Presov
Novoker Lucenec
ECHOZ Kosice
Slovenska sporitelna
Vseobecna uverova banka
Tlaciarne Banska Bystrica

Contacts / Information and reservations

If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact the sales department at Sliac Spa. We will be happy to advise you.

Sales department

Telephone: +421 45/ 5443 794
Mobile: +421 917 475 490